Subin Constituency:NDC man mad at Bawumia for Busing SHS students to political rally



CO, SUBIN CONSTITUENCY -NDC is not happy with Dr Bawumia, flagbearer of the ruling NPP for busing SHS students for political rallies.

According to him,the vice president, Dr Bawumiah in his bid to be elevated to the status of the President is busing SHS students from all schools under the guise of ‘students connect’.

This campaign strategy he has adopted isn’t right since other opponents cannot use same.

What’s wrong yesterday cannot suddenly be right today because Bawumiah wants power. In any case, if the NPP has GOVERNED well, why are they not creating a level playing field for all players in this our democracy. Akamba and co of the NDC fame were heavily criticised when a similar thing was done some time past in the north.I learnt some headteachers even suffered the consequences there of. Last Wednesday, students from T. I AMASS, Kumasi were seen between the hours of 8 and 9 in the evening coming from the Jubilee Park where Bawumiah had engaged them several hours instead of allowing them to be by their books,studying. This campaign strategy of the corruption-stricken NPP must be condemned and stopped. The kids have their own minds to decipher practical governance and sloganeering governance. Be a citizen and not a spectator.

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