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Suspected Lesbian Escapes Lynching



A suspected lesbian was nearly lynched after suffering a brutal attack in the hands of angry residents of Juaben in the New Juaben Municipality in the Eastern Region during an out-dooring ceremony in somewhere November,2020.

Some eyewitnesses, who narrated the incident to the press, recounted that, the lady, called Habibah Sani, was pointed at by one of the guests at the ceremony to be lesbian.

Apparently, the guest was just narrating another incident he had witnessed, when the suspected lesbian was attacked at a different town a few months ago when she was caught in the act with another lady.

Just as he pointed at the lady as the suspect who was manhandled in that incident, the crowd pounced on her with bottles of club bear , stones, machetes and any other objects they could lay their hands on, with the view to killing her but the timely intervention of some “good samaritans” who couldn’t stand the injustice, saved her, giving her the opportunity to flee the scene.

The eyewitnesses disclosed that the angry crowd was on the verge of setting her ablaze as some called for gasoil before the “good samaritans” sneaked her out of the place.

The leader within the crowd, Bubaka Isaah, told the media in an interview: “We don’t want such people within our community because they will eventually corrupt the minds of our wives and sisters. We will burn them alive whenever we see them within our community because it is against our Islamic region“

The police have since commenced investigations into the matter. Ghana police needs to be proactive in arresting people who engage in instant justice to avoid this impunity going on in the Muslim communities.

If care is not taken, the young lady will lose her life the next time she is caught.
More worrying is information being gathered that the father of the lady has vowed to have her killed if she doesn’t renounce her ‘evil’ practice.
The father is reported to have asked the youth of the area to deal ruthlessly with her if she continues in her bad practice that goes against their culture.

Source:Salim Y.Fari

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