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Take Interest In School Choice Of Wards -Sam Pyne Admonishes Parents 



The Mayor for Kumasi, Hon Sam Pyne has admonished parents to guide their wards when they are choosing for schools to further their education either at Junior High, Senior High or University levels.

According to the former educationist, parents should always take interest in the choices their wards make when the time for choice of schools are presented to them.

The Mayor noted that it was no excuse for any parent to say they do not understand the system and therefore show apathy.

‘’It was important that parents get to know the potentials of their wards from their teachers and together with their wards make informed choices’’, Hon Pyne stated.


Hon Pyne said teachers were best placed to know the strengths of their students and could best tell their levels.

The Kumasi Mayor who is a former English tutor at Kumasi Anglican SHS said the rate at which parents were choosing schools that were higher than their wards’ strengths and capacity was worrying.

Many, he noted, have chosen schools for their wards without the input of their teachers or their wards.

‘’It is problematic to see parents sideline the teacher when choosing schools for their wards because the teachers are best placed to determine the level or strengths of their students and best to advise on which schools to choose’’, Hon Pyne noted.


Hon Pyne has also advised parents not to push wards who may not be brilliant to choose schools which would be difficult to get.

He noted that parents should not be swayed by the names of some prominent schools when guiding their wards to choose schools they may want to attend.

Rather, the Mayor said schools must be chosen solely based on the strengths of the concerned student and nothing else.

‘’I urge parents to let their decisions be based primarily on the strength and capacity of their wards so that they choose schools their wards are likely to get after their final examinations’’, the Kumasi Mayor reiterated.

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