The common air conditioning mistake costing drivers thousands each year



THE common air conditioning mistake that costs drivers thousands each year has been revealed.

Motors experts at Fixter explained how using the cooling system wrong can burn up extra fuel.

Their top tip was how to properly shut down the air con unit by turning it off before you switch off your engine.

The advice warned: “If you keep the fan running, it will clear the evaporator and surrounding components.

“By doing that, you’ll encourage less moss growth and bacteria to develop.

“As well as avoiding some nasty smells and possible respiratory issues, you’ll help extend the life of the unit.”

According to the outlet, a replacement air con can cost anywhere between £180 and £530, and that’s not accounting for labour costs.

Not only are replacements expensive, but forcing your air con to work harder by using it incorrectly can increase fuel usage, which can really hit Brits in the wallet given current fuel prices.

It comes after the same experts warned against another mistake that actually leaves motorists hotter while wearing out the air con.

Other tips included pointing the jets towards the roof not yourself to circulate the air better.

Meanwhile, one car expert revealed how to avoid a repair scam that could cost you hundreds of pounds.

And a female mechanic said that people are always shocked when they see her in the workshop – but now she’s helping other women to fix cars.

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