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UK will collaborate more with GDCL—–High commissioner assures  



Harriet Thompson, the British High Commissioner to Ghana has paid a working visit to the Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Digital Centers Limited (GDCL), Hon Kwadwo Baah Agyemang.

The visit by the Commissioner was to learn at first hand the workings and activities at the GDCL and the subsidiaries under the same.

Speaking briefly during a meeting with the CEO, Ms Thompson said the UK was very interested in technology and anything related to its usage.

She added having learnt about GDCL and its activities it was needful that she visited to see things for herself and see how both countries and outfits pursuing technology could collaborate and take the partnerships further to the benefit of its people.

‘’I am particularly delighted to be here at the GDCL and to learn at firsthand what you do here and to think through ways we could take our partnership further through deployment of technology for the benefit of our peoples’’, the Commissioner stated.

On his part, Hon Agyemang noted the delight of his outfit about the Commissioner’s visit and hoped that it marked the beginning of collaboration between the two outfits.

The CEO also prayed that through the partnership both the GDCL and the British High Commission could harness potentials in the youth of Ghana and Great Britain through the use of technology.

Hon Agyemang said the GDCL was vigorously building and upgrading itself to become the silicon valley of Africa where opportunities including digital skills and start ups are made available to interested persons.

‘’We in Ghana and at GDCL do welcome such partnerships from your end which could help us build on our capacities including the provision of digital skills and start ups for benefit of both countries and their peoples’’, Hon Agyemang intimated.

Taking a tour of the enclave of the GDCL, the Commissioner visited subsidiaries and other companies and outfits working in collaboration with the Digital Centers.

The GDCL has avenues for the training of IT persons and others whose main preoccupation is the use of the internet and technology.

Currently, the GDCL has started a program where it reaches out to institutions and agencies to train their respective staff about new trends of the use of technology.

The CEO said the idea is to ensure that staff at all government agencies and departments are abreast of modern usage of technology in the work they do.








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