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Vegfest 2021 launched in Accra.



This year Vegfest 2021 has been launched in Accra last Saturday at the Christ the King Hall.

Mr.Braimah Kola,President of Vegetarian Association of Ghana has advised the public to eat more vegetarian Diet to avoid contracting Lifestyles diseases.

The Theme for this year launched is: Building Strong Immunity In the Era of Convid-19 Through Healthy lifestyle.

Vegfest 2021 is being organised by the Vegetarian Association of Ghana(VegGhana) and is scheduled to take place on the 11th-12th December 2021 at the W.E.B. Dubois Center in Accra.

He said being on Vegetarian Diet such as eating beans etc, reduced the risk of contracting diseases,and added that Vegetarian Diet is the only solution to a healthy and longer life.

Madam Catherine Krobo-Edusei in her presentation advised the public to be on a Vegetarian Diet by eating fresh fruits and vegetables such as oranges,bananas, etc.

A participant at the launched shared his experience as a Vegetarian,said he had been relieved of some allergies.

Madam Karen Hendrickson of the Rabito Clinic in Accra also made presentation on the need for the public to be on Vegetarian Diet.

The programme itinerary indicates that there will be an organic vegetables market where fresh food items from different farms will be displayed.

Visitors to the Vegfest 2021 who are not vegetarians will also have opportunity to interact with members of the Vegetarian Association of Ghana at the venue and learn how to become vegetarians.

There will be a great opportunity for Ghanaians,as well as visitors to taste traditional Vegetarian dishes that have almost been forgotten in Ghana and to listen to some enlightened speakers on varied topics that will add value to your lifestyle.

There was various types of Vegetarian Diet at the venue for the launched for Vegetarians and first time participants to feel how good it is to be a vegetarian.

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