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Vote Kwabena Kwarteng (Ortega) As KSTS Welfare Organizing Secretary

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Good morning Comrades,
Am here this morning to solicit your votes come this Friday in the welfare elections as ORGANIZING SECRETARY.
As a SOCIAL JUSTICE ADVOCATE, I see it as very unfortunate some comments that members make concerning KSHTS Staff Welfare to have such effect as making staff members question their worth as members.
The leadership of the welfare association have done a lot to improve the lives of members in lot of ways. But is only realistic for one to see that there are more to do. We will need brave and people who can stand for the truth in all fairness to members welfare to make us feel relevant and meet the love and belonging needs in the future.
My vision has always been clear, TO MAKE LIFE WORTH LIVING FOR STAFF OF KSHTS and kick out the occurrence of Staff Dissatisfaction, which is why after a deep introspection and consultation, I have reaffirmed my innate vision to be part of the transformation the association needs.
As the election draw near, I wish to publicize my intent to become the next ORGANIZING SECRETARY of the association. I call on all members to rally their support behind me as we take on this great vision.

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