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We can’t wait till Monday for new transport charges-GPRTU Chairman

Chairman Boamah of the Sofoline terminal branch of the GPRTU has said that, the union can not heed to the demands of government and the public to hold on to the old transport fares till Monday to roll out the new fares.
He said,  prices of fuel keeps increasing everyday and as at yesterday after a meeting on the adjustment of the fare the had been a fresh increase in fuel price.
Accounting on this, Chairman Boamah said unless they are told to pack their cars till that Monday, they cannot do away with the new fare.
He made this submission on the Asanteman Dawuro Morning Show today with Sir Mike, backing his stance that it is obvious how people are packing their private cars to board commercial vehicle due to the high cost of fuel.
“We are even doing our best”He added.
He was of the view that, drivers are finding it difficult to render sales to their owners and they spend all the money on fuel.
Saying this fuel problem was seen long ago and was expected but no proper measures were put in place to deal with it and it is getting out of hands now.
Story filed by Barbara Koranteng.

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