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We see humans coming out of the sea always-People near la-beach cry



The La Beach Towers is a 17-storey megastructure that was sadly abandoned after the demise of one of its co-owners in the person of Hon J.B. Danquah-Adu.

Six years after the sad incident, the abandoned site is now a place that has given people experiences that sound like a horrific movie produced by the most talented Hollywood icons.

In an interview with Kofi Adoma of Kofi TV, a man who resides near the location alluded to the ‘fact’ that there is a major spiritual force that rules over the the area where the La Beach Towers was planted.

People Narrate Experiences at La Beach Towers to Kofi TV
La Beach Towers Photo credit: Kofi TV via YouTube
According to him, he has personally seen ladies being brought out of the sea in a car and looking more beautiful than any human being he has ever set his eyes on.

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He further mentioned that when the time is right, the particular ladies return to the sea and the car comes out of the ocean once again to pick them up.

The man who lived in the area long before the La Beach Towers was started at the foundation level also claimed there is an idol underground the building that is unhappy about the project and will do anything in its power to pull it down.

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