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You’re the  most corrupt political party in Ghana-Gyataba to NPP


2020 flagbearer of the great United Front Party,Dr.Nana Agyenim Boateng has said that the ruling New Patriotic Party is the most corrupt political party in the history of Ghana.
According to him, Ghanaians could  attest to the fact that ,the ruling New Patriotic Party is bathed with gargantuan corruption , counting from Agyapa royalties deals ,PDS scandal, stolen excavators , building family and friends government and a whole lot of scandals .
He said,the NPP is also deliberately collapsing businesses in the Country because of tribal politicking.
The NPP has collapsed all the businesses of   Dr.Papa Kwasi Nduom and rendered him into abject poverty, because he is from Fanteland,the story of Dr.Kwabena Duffour is not different from that of Kwasi Nduom .
“Let me tell you on record that,if you are not Akim and you own business in the country there is the possibility that your business has no future under this current government.
Since we are all citizens and not spectators ,we have equally played our roles as able citizens of this nation and have come to the realization that NPP is a corrupt party and can’t be trusted with our state resources so they need to be voted out in the 2020 general elections for Ghana to be a better place .”He further indicated.
Dr.Nana Agyenim Boateng made this statement at the party’s national delegates Congress held at Golden Bean Hotel in Kumasi, yesterday.
About the National Delegates Congress.
It is my pleasure today to stand before you as the national chairman of our great party,United Front Party to tell you  what the party stands to achieve as we hold our National Delegates Congress today ,here in Kumasi,the heart of ‘Asante’.
The United Front Party on 14th February 2015 held its national delegates’ congress at Center for National Culture- Kumasi to elect new party executives to steer the affairs of the party for the last four years.
The congress which also elected the  party’s flagbearer to lead the UFP into the 2016 general elections has also come to an end.
Our 2020 national delegates congress which is taking place today at the Golden Beam Hotel on Tuesday, 6th October 2020,  will include, popular acclamation of national executives as well as the Presidential Candidate to lead the party into the 2020 general elections.
As at now the party is done with all the regional elections.
The United Front Party was certified by Ghana’s Electoral Commission as a full grown political party on the 12 th August 2011 and for the first time contested the December 2012 elections.
Ahead of the December 2020 elections, the UFP is very optimistic the party is going  to win parliamentary seats and win the presidency by putting the necessary structures in place and building the party from the grassroots then to the national level.
Let me tell you that ,the UFP is the alternative party to the so called big parties – National Democratic Congress and the non- performing New Patriotic Party – to solve the numerous challenges facing all sectors of the economy.,
In no time ,the Great UFP will make it’s 2020 manifesto available in this room so that each an everyone will have access to know how the UFP will run and transform Ghana when given the nod in the 2020 general elections.
In conclusion,let me send this signal to the NDC and NPP that,no matter what the Electoral Commission does ,UFP is going to win the 2020 general elections without any fear or favour.
God bless UFP
God bless Asanteman
God bless our Homeland Ghana.
Thank you all
Dr.Nana Agyenim Boateng,
National Chairman

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