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Youth Of Banda Ahenkro Chases Banda Kabrono Chief For Endorsing ‘Abronye’s’ Insult On Them

The  Youth of Banda-Ahenkro in the Banda District of the Bono Region are much angry at Banda Kabrono Chief for endorsing insults cast on them by Kwame Baffoe ,NPP regional chairman of the ruling New Patriotic Party.
 Speaking at a press conference,on behalf of all the People of Banda-Ahenkro, Mr.Kennedy Sah- Spokesperson for Banda Ahenkro Youth noted that the
purpose of the emergency Press conference was that , they have witnessed a surprise  Press Conference held on Monday 28th December 2020 by one Sah Kyame Siniapem,II, chief of Banda Kabrono, also in the Banda District, in reaction to the Press Conference the Chiefs and People of Banda-Ahenkro held on behalf of all of them on the 22 December 2020 on Kwame Baffoe’s (Abronye’s scandalous) insult on the people of Banda-Ahenkro as “murderers and cannibals” on Oman FM’s “Boiling Point programme on the 17 December 2020.
 He said,it was significant to note that as natives of Banda-Ahenkro, we, the Youth of Banda-Ahenkro, were also insulted by Abronye who was ably defended by the Kabrono chief in his Press Conference.
“Thus, as future leaders of tomorrow, we hold it a sacred duty to defend our integrity as we want to
respond to the Kabrono chief since he and Abronye have embarked on an agenda to destroy the
hard won reputation of Banda-Ahenkro and the future it holds for us, the Youth of Banda-Ahenkro and ALL its People.
 Quite frankly, we were really shocked to the marrow as a
result of the Press Conference held by the Kabrono chief. This is because, first and foremost,”Abronye” who granted the interview on Oman FM and insulted ALL Banda-Ahenkro people was
not the person who held the Press Conference to substantiate his claims. But rather it was the chief
of Kabrono who came to muddy the waters with his shameful defence of Abronye’s vulgarity. We
do not know whether or not the Kabrono chief is now the spokesman for “Abronye” as we found
it difficult to come to terms with the reason(s) why he chose to meddle in the matter between
Abronye and the people of Banda-Ahenkro..
In fact, the crux of the matter is Abronye’s insult of Banda-Ahenkro people as “murderers and
cannibals”. Banda-Ahenkro Chiefs never said anywhere in their Press Conference that the Kabrono
chief insulted Banda-Ahenkro people or conspired with Abronye to insult us. That was why Banda�Ahenkro Chiefs, in their Press Conference, never asked the Kabrono chief to substantiate any claim
or retract and apologise to us. It was Abronye we asked to do so because he insulted us on Oman
FM. So what at all warranted the Kabrono chief to jump into this matter and said categorically that
“what Abronye said about Banda-Ahenkro people, that, (they are “lawless, violent, and, murderers
and cannibals”) are all true, and there is no need to for him to apologise to Banda-Ahenkro
people”? It beats our imagination!
Ladies and Gentlemen of the Media, was it not surprising to note that in the Kabrono chief’s press
conference in defence of Abronye, he too, like Abronye, did not state with proven evidence when
and who Banda-Ahenkro people “lawlessly and violently murdered and ate up their flesh”? So is
it because the Kabrono chief hate Banda-Ahenkro chiefs and the people, so whatever Abronye lied

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