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2019 AFCON:Sports Minister, Players, Officials In Embarrassing Sex Tourism Spectacles, ASEPA Calls For Medical Screening For All

   Information reaching ASEPA following the blackstars disappointing campaign in the 2019 AFCON in Egypt indicates that officials who escorted the team for this year’s AFCON were very much fixated on sex tourism instead of  football and its related activities which was the reason they were flown to Egypt with tax payers resources. When a fish rots, it rots from its head, several allegations coming out of  reliable sources in Egypt indicates that the  Minister for Youth and Sports who led the team of government officials and other technical staff and supporters to Egypt was the main man in the middle of this sex tourism debacle that rocked the camp of the blackstars in Egypt. Women were being flown across all parts of Africa including South Africa and even Dubai just for  sexual encounters with the Ministers and Government Officials all on tax payers resources.  This shameful spectacle did not evade the eyes of the LOC and other officials in Egypt who unofficially raised several concerns about the conduct of the officials from Ghana. These are serious allegations that we believe must not go uninvestigated.  There are also prevailing evidence that this sex tourism led by the Minister  also found its head into the blackstars camp and players were caught engaging in series of marathon sex before matches. Following this information, we recommend that all officials who returned from Egypt after the AFCON must be compelled to undergo serious medical examination. They should be screened on HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and other contagious diseases. We also call for an official investigations into the allegations of sexual malfeasances that happened in Egypt that caused great embarrassment to the image of the Country.  Mensah Thompson Executive Director ASEPA 0542120628Source Foster 

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