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Aboabugyaman Runs To Asantehene For Cover Over Land Litigation

Youth of Aboabugya community in the Afigya Kwabre South District in the Ashanti Region are calling on the Overlord of Asante, Otumfour Osei II to immediately intervene on land dispute issue currently ongoing in the area.
According to the youth group, they have known no peace for sometime now due to the forgoing character.
Speaking at a press conference  at Aboabugya,the group indicated that the two royals of the town ,thus the queen mother (Oheneyere Brago Domfe II, Aboabogya Oheneyere) and the chief ( Nana Wiafe Amoah II) do not give them peace as a result of land disputes that has ensued between them.
 The youth ,led by Boakye Richmond noted at the press conference that  the people of Aboabogye had been quite and tension is being built gradually which will escalate in no time.
He deduced that,there’s the possibility of civil war if authorities refuse to address the issue at large.
According to him ,as   proud Asantes, they would not do things that would drag the hard earn name of their grand forefathers in dirt, rather use the right way to build concensus for the betterment of Aboabogya and Asanteman.
He revealed that,the youth of Aboabugya got hold of a documment from the office of Oheneba Owusu Afriyie IV (Otumfuo Apagyahene-Kumasi), Liaison Officer which was written to Superintendent/kodie/Distric, Ghana Police Service, Kodie District with reference number, 5/Vol.144/417 on 6th April, 2021.
This said letter was in respose to the Police letter of enquires
(Ref. KOD.7/VOL.1/47 dated 12-03-2021) seeking to know who the rightful caretaker of Aboabogya stool land was.
 Oheneba Owusu Afriyie IV (Otumfuo Apagyahene-Kumasi), Liaison   clearly stated that “We wish to inform you that His Majesty Otumfuo Osei Tutu II,
Asantehene had ruled that the rightful caretaker-Chief of the Aboabogya Stool lands is Oheneyere Brago Domfe II, Aboabogya Oheneyere, and not Nana Wiafe Amoah II and the public announcement letter was dated 13thAugust 2020”.
“Nana from the above, are our background checks and as we speak, there is also another letter that contradict the earlier letter stated above from the office of Oheneba Owusu Afriyie IV (Otumfuo Apagyahene-Kumasi), Liaison Officer dated 19th July, 2021 with reference number
5/VOL.144/527 that “.…the land situated and lying at Aboabogya in Kumasi is under the caretakership of NANA WIAFE AKENTEN AMOAH II, ABOABOGYAHENE” This notice was pasted at Aboabogya township and announcement was made on Hello Fm. for being the rightful caretaker-Chief of the Aboabogya Stool lands.
Nana, respectfully, we would like to know;
1. The authencity of the said documents with dates we got hold of.
2. Who is really the caretaker of Aboabogya Stool lands?
Nana, all that we know is that, a chief is selected for unique qualities that make him an excellent representative of the community.
 Traditionally, chiefs are enstooled or destooled for swearing
or breaking the oath of allegiance to the community.
Nana, when Aboabogyahene ascended the stool, we had hopes that he will be in a good position to spur local development and keep the customs and traditions of the Chieftancy institution pure.
Little did we know that, he has no plans to bring development and innovation to Aboabogyaman based on the points below:
Nana, it will surprise you to know that the Assembly member of the area, who happens to be the representative of government was sacked from the Chief’s palace by the Kyeame without Nana Wiafe Amoah II altering a word with the indication that he approved what the okyeame said, dated 20th October, 2021.
 This incident occurred on a sitting where the Assembly member and his unity committee members together with an  entourage of representative of Kodie District Assembly committee members paid a visit to the Palace to discuss a proposed Nursing College institute lobbied by the Assembly member for the community.
 Earlier, the District had proposed for a  government District Hospital to be in Aboabogya but to our surprise was relocated to a different community because of series of complains about land dispute.
Nana, respectfully, it is the people /community that makes a chief look prominent and without roots a tree cannot stand,therfore subordinates are important in ones leadership.
Nana, as you are preaching peace all over the world, Nana Wiafe Amoah II, Aboabogyahene has not tone to your quality leadership style rather resulted to bullying the natives who farm on
the lands.
 What we know is that if the chief wants to lay a proper layout for the community it must pass through the proper channel of dialogue with the various family head to arrive at a consnsus but we do not sell the land of a family without their consern or proper documentation.
Nana, it came to our notice from our research that you have sent your surveyor to ensure proper demarcations of Aboabogya lands but it was also countered by the letter of notice from Oheneba Owusu Afriyie IV (Otumfuo Apagyahene-Kumasi), Liaison Officer, that the land of Aboabogya belongs to Nana Wiafe Amoah II, Aboabogyahene and that no one or family in Aboabogya has a land.
This brought the process to a standstill and the operators working on the layout were driven away by Nana Wiafe Amoah II,Aboabogyahene.
Nana, as a matter of fact, the young ones in Aboabogya have suffered under the hands of Central Police people, arresting People working on a lands bought proviously before the entoolment of Nana Wiafe Amoah II, Aboabogyahene.
 Nana one painful thing is that, one can not work on any land except those he sold. There are a lot but just a few names and contacts of innocent native workers who are victims and ready to testify that it was Nana Wiafe Amoah II, Aboabogyahene who have been using;
1. Lands guards for patrolling on Aboabogya land causing fear and panic.
2. Using Central Police Division lead by one Afum and CID Oppong for causing tension and arrest.
3. One Otumfuo Akunafohene of Afrancho has also been a torn in the flesh of the people of Aboabogya for stopping and driving people from site.
Nana, recently, the ongoing Proposed three unit Classroom block lobbied by one Obire Yeboah has come to a stand still, likewise, the one story building project for the Ghana Police Service
which is on roofing level has not seen progress.
Nana, Aboabogyahene has crone himself with people who are not royals.
One Hayford of Kenkase (Dikro who was destooled by your majesty) has posed himself as Gyaasehene of Aboabogya, he was even heard at Kodiehemaa’s One week funeral ceremony as Gyaasehene of Aboabogya when his donation was mentioned.
Your Majesty, Aboabogyahene’s hostile attitude led to Insults and threating of the Rev. Minister, Aboabogya Methodist Church who doubles as head mistress of Aboabogya Methothist JHS.
Having gone extreme, the Rev. minister made a report to GES-AKSD & methodist
Superintendent- Ankaase to that effect.
Nana, on this day, 2nd November, 2021 as we write to you, there are police officers on the land ensuring that No one steps foot on the land to stop the new demarcation of the land after the young ones in Krotia went and distroyed pillars on the lands they have cultivated.
Their reason was that they were unaware that, that area which belong to them has been redemarcated to someone
without their consent based on the above points.
We would respectfuly like to know the following;
1. Did you instruct a surveyor to work on the site plan of Aboabogya as our search revealed?
2. Nana, respectfully, can you confirm that it was indeed you who allowed Oheneyere Brago Domfe II, Aboabogya Oheneyere the permit to carry on the activities on the land with your surveyor?.
3. Your Majesty, Is it true that you have now given permission to Nana Wiafe Amoah II, Aboabogyahene to carry out new site plan by his surveyor as battress by the letter dated 19th July, 2021 by Oheneba Owusu Afriyie IV (Otumfuo Apagyahene-Kumasi), Liaison Officer?
4. Nana, which of the site plans of Aboabogya have you seen under your instructions;Oheneyere Brago Domfe II, Aboabogya Oheneyere or Nana Wiafe Amoah II, Aboabogyahene
since both claim that they have your words.
Nana, the people of Aboabogya have comported themselves to the brim and if not intervened as quickly as possible, chaos is likely to happen. This is what we want to prevent.
Nana, when the youth consulted the elders, they proposed to join hands in support of seeking for the truth aside the royals.
 Therefore, aside the petitioner and others representing the youth, the
seven known families in Aboabogya have representatives to register their displeasure on the eventualities happening in Aboabogya by the Royals.
 We would therefore plead that any verdict that comes from your outfit, Your Royal Majesty Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, Asantehene, should be the hearing of us all (Aboabogyaman) so that we will know the truth by ourselves.
We are much convinced and anticipate your quick response.”It was further indicated.”It was concluded.

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