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Afigya Kwabre South:Philanthropist donates ultra-modern clinic to Wawase community

    The Chief and people of Wawasi, a suburb of Adwumakase Kesse in the Afigya Kwabre South District in the Ashanti region have been blessed with ultra-modern clinic facilities. Residents, however, expressed excitement for the facilities and said it will enhance health care delivery in the area.    This follows the commission of an ultramodern clinic facility in the community to offer comprehensive and better health service for members.   The clinic, Aborah Sikka Catholic Health Center, situated at Wawase was built by Mr. Thomas Boansi Sarpong, a financial controller for Cal Bank Ghana and handed it over to the Roman Catholic Church to run its affairs and provide quality good care for the people of Wawase and it’s environs.   The 20-bed capacity which has an ultramodern emergency room, laboratory, maternity department, ultrasound facility, well-furnished outpatients department, male and female wards, medical records room, modernize toilet facilities, hospital beds, truck, and others is expected to serve not only the residents of Wawase but residents in Adwumakase Kesse, Swedru, Ebom, Bomfa, other nearby areas will also be benefited.     Most Rev. Joseph Osei Bonsu of Konongo Mampong Diocese who was invited to grace the occasion  told the media that, preaching the gospel is not  the only responsibility as Catholics but providing infrastructure and other social amenities like schools, hospitals, pipe borne water and others to help ease the burden of people within their jurisdiction is also their core-mandate .   He said the government cannot do it all hence the assistance to Wawase community to ease pleasure on government.    He hinted that most people developing the cities are from the rural areas but have neglected their place of origin which he said was not the best.    He used the opportunity to appeal to them to revisit their place of origin since there’s no place like home.      Speaking to media after the ceremony, Mr. Thomas Boansi Sarpong who built the clinic for the community was delighted for giving back to the society he comes from.      According to him, the inhabitants hitherto traveled a long distance to seek medical care outside the community which sometimes send them to their early grave due to lack of hospital facilities in the area.      Many people, he mentioned had died prematurely because of the lack of hospital facilities in the community.    This worrying situation, he noted compelled him to dream and implemented the vision of a clinic to serve the medical needs of Wawase residents.   He explained that most people are passionate to provide a project for their community but Chieftaincy and land litigation issues have of late become an obstacle making them rescind their decisions to develop their communities.    ” I planned for this project way back in 2011, making sure all my documents on land was intact, free from litigations and any other things before putting up the structure up to this level” he revealed.   ‘With  trust and believe, I have in the Roman Catholic Church which has led me to hand over the facility to them, I am  confident that the health workers and members of the community will adopt a good maintenance culture to keep the project in good shape to offer them good healthcare for a longer period, he noted.   Source: /Ayisah Foster Akoko Asense

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