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Akwaanor Royal Family  cautions public against  purchase of  land from unauthorised persons

The head of Akwaanor Royal Family of Ashalaja in the Greater Accra region of Ghana, Mr.Solomon Mintah Ackaah has cautioned the general public to desist  from buying land from unauthorised persons.
He said, he is the substantive Head of the Akwaanor Royal Family of Ashalaja,his headship of the family  was  confirmed by the Supreme Court of Ghana on the 14th April 2021.
Mr.Solomon Mintah Ackaah further said he was appointed as the substantive Head of Akwaanor Royal Family on the 9th of July 2009 and that any person holding himself or herself as head of the Family should be disregarded.
According to him, he took  action against some people at the High Court over his appointment and won the case in  Court,both  Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court so he is by this chance cautioning  the general public against dealing with illegal,deceptive  and fraudulent persons.
He made this known in a press conference held in Accra

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