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Chief Butcher Of Kumasi Abattoir Sends Strong Warning To Illegal Slaughters



In a press conference to outline  plans and structures put in place to bring sanity in the meat industry in the region, the Chief Butcher of Kumasi Abattoir and National vice Chairman of Meat Sellers Association, Chief Alhaji Ibrahim Wahab Tikuma has revealed that the outfit will son roll out plans to clamp down all illegal slaughters in the region.

The outfit, he said, Is going to collaborate with the Food and Drug Authority, the media and other bodies to undertake such needful exercise.

Criminal activities of theft associated with members where animals are being smuggled to an unauthorized places to slaughter, Alhaji Ibrahim Tikuma said, such act is illegal and against the rules of the industry.

Adding authoritiess have already issued identify membership cards for its members and will continue the process to ensure every member operating meat or sells meat are giving certify licence.

The meat industry business holds the world economy but Ghana government has paid less attention to the industry…but its the largest single industry in the world.

He emphasized that, in 2020 the meat industry has contributed $838 billion dollars to the world economy. More than any other industry(s).

In brief history of the meat industry worldwide, Alhaji Ibrahim Tikuma noted that; Australian government has employed over 445,000 people in the meat industry on which an amount of $50 billion has been generated into their economy.

In 2020 ,130 billion pounds of meat were consumed worldwide and this research was done in 53 countries globally and no West African countries were among.

We however, want to use this opportunity to call on the Ghana government to see the significance of the meat industry and support the Accra and the Kumasi abattoir so as to also add value to the sector growth.

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