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Don’t forget the region that singlehandedly gave you second chance-Ashantis to Nana Addo

H.E Nana Akuffo Addo, we in the Ashanti Region (Ghana’s most populated Region) congratulates you for your investiture last Thursday as the President-elect for 2020 General election and the president of the Republic moving forward to 2024.
 A ceremony we joined in to celebrate looking at the huge and massive contribution the Region singlehandedly played for your dream to become a reality. We are happy we helped in making yesterday a history for you. Congratulations once again. Akora, wotiri nkwa!
Having done with the congratulatory message however, we want to draw your attention to what transpired during the election and what Ashanti region did for you to have a safe and a sound second term as president of Ghana. A kind gesture that you have to thank us in return with what we want and what our heart desires as a people who gave you a chance to lead Ghana again. Especially what makes our request special is,
1. When you lost in almost all the new regions you created with exception of only Ahafo Region and Bono Region. After all the effort in giving them a sort of “independence”.
2. When your own and home region, Eastern Region didn’t give you any massive votes.
3. When results from your root constituencies Abuakwa North and South, and Akropong Constituency were not any encouraging.
4. When you lost Greater Accra Region to NDC upon all the huge and ceremonial infrastructure you sent there in your first four years including huge interchanges in Pokuase and Tema, overheads and overpass in one single city at the negligence of others, especially Kumasi, Ghana’s second city. A “common” Sofoline interchange started by President Kuffuor, your predecessor in NPP you couldn’t complete it in your first four years. Hmmmmm.
Mpanin se, kwae a agye wo no, yennfre no kwaewa.
Moving forward to 2020 election this is what happened after the EC brought out the final results of the election. NDC won 9 regions. When you subtract the NPP votes obtained from the NDC votes obtained, these are the differences;
1. Bono East – 60,353
2. Greater Accra – 73,310
3. Northern Region – 66,587
4. Oti region – 77,156
5. Savanna – 63,639
6. Upper West – 117,742
7. Upper East – 165,162
8. Volta – 506,027
9. Western North – 21,316
Total = 1,033,550
Oti Region and Volta gave NDC combined votes of 583,183
Ashanti Region alone gave NDC 653,149 votes.
And Ashanti Region gave NPP 1,795,824 votes.
The difference between the NPP and the NDC in the Ashanti region is 1,142,675.
This shows that;
1. Clearly, the swing region thing is/was over hyped. Their margins DO NOT change much. Adding the difference in Central, Western and Greater Accra regions is 189, 460.
2. Ashanti Region votes cancelled out all the votes  difference of the NDC in the 9 regions it won and had extra, 109,125 votes.
Let’s move on to the swing regions…..
Central region’s difference between NPP and NDC is just about 90,000. Kwabre East, a single constituency in Ashanti Region difference alone is about 65,000-70,000. So, yes swing regions are good to win but, what margin of win?
Greater Accra cannot give NPP 300,000 difference. Just 5 constituencies in Ashanti can do that. Ashanti is the proper world bank. It’s the bellweather of anything that depicts a world bank. The numbers are scary.
So, It’s all about staying loyal to them and getting the numbers to vote. About 500K people didn’t  vote in Ashanti, imagine half did? 🤔. Or a 90% voter turnout. It thwarts almost all regions.
This is why the NDC always wants 30% in the region. The moment NDC gets 25% and above in Ashanti, they are closer to winning the election.
Win the swing regions but stretch the margins. A win is a win but in elections, it’s the margins that is most significant. In 2008, NPP won just 2 regions, Eastern and Ashanti regions, NDC won 8 regions but with just 50K – 60K difference to claim the presidency.
This is what you had in your home region, the Eastern Region.
~NPP had 752,061.
~NDC had 470,999.
 NPP had 45.82% of Votes (752,061÷1,641,050×100)
NDC had 28.70%
Not encouraging at all. Your home region even didnt give you that much votes. NDC had almost 30% in the President’s own constituency, Akyem Abuakwa South constituency.
The 1.1 million difference of the NPP in Ashanti alone, cancels the deficit in Volta, Upper East & West, Western North, Oti, Northern and Savannah Regions. Meaning, Ashanti Region did 3% more than the national average. That shows that NPP is nothing, I mean “NOTHING” without Ashanti votes.
However, Ashanti region again gave NDC their highest vote of 653,149. Higher than what they got in their world bank, Volta Region and even Oti region combined. That shows that NDC is closer getting the one million votes they desire from the Ashanti region should they campaign harder in the region next election.
Imagine NDC coming out with an Asante flagbearer or an Asante running mate for the next election? Nothing can stop them from winning the election because of how they will split Asante votes. posing a big threat to NPP (which I highly encourage that, if that is what will put NPP on their toes to develop their world bank). The huge votes NDC had in your “World Bank” this year should guard you into the future.
What should you Mr. President and NPP do then? Clearly, that is a statement for the 4 interchanges. And other developments. The region deserves better from NPP. Sofoline deserve a final completion like Pokuase, Tema and Obetsebi. Krofrom market deserves completion after nearly 15 years. KNUST Teaching hospital is long overdue for completion. Complete the Boankra Inland Port as promised, build the Kejetia face two as promised, complete all abandoned projects in the region. Construct all roads in the region even the one leading to the “bumber” latrine.
Ashanti has stayed loyal to NPP. And deserves better.
3. At this juncture, the only region that can help the NPP break the 8 year cycle jinx/trend going into 2024 is the Ashanti Region. A little advice to NPP, what you will give the region in your second term will determine what they will give you in return. 2024 will be an interesting year. Sigh!
Don’t say we didn’t tell you nor warn you because if you break your part of the promise, you will come begging, crying and rolling in 2024 and no one will mind you.
“Se obi tru wo kohwe nkwa a yennturu no nkohwe owuo”. Saa nso na “nkasee dua woho yi, yenntia so mprenu”.
Credit: Eugene Osei Tutu and Owusu Emmanuel. Nicely put together by The Asante Nation.
A true Asante who has the interest of the region at heart shouldn’t just read and go but must also share to show how serious we are as a people.

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