ECG power ladies launches FemPower Outreach Program



The ECG Power Queens Club has launched  FemPower Outreach Program which is aimed at empowering women within the Electricity Company of Ghana to aimed into leadership roles.

The launch was held yesterday Thursday December 7th 2023 at the labadi beach hotel in Accra .

The THEME for the launch is FemPower Outreach Programme, it aims to encourage female inclusivity and diversity in the workplace.

The Keynote address was delivered by the Chief of Staff of the Office of the President Hon. Frema Osei – Opare, who said that how can we bring more women in the long term.

To her, she wants to commend Electricity Company of Ghana FemPower Outreach for not thinking about themself as they are, but how we help others to correct the situation that we found ourselves.

Women are not already there, for instance there is some affirmative action where the universities give admissions to female students so far as they have pass.

And lowering the cut off point as they say, and to her the cut off point have not meant they haven’t pass their examination.

And therefore raising the entry rate by 40% to 60% into the universities is the practical way in bringing females into the universities.

FemPower is targeting women who have interest and can be encourage in taking non — traditional disciplines. They can be given the opportunity.

She said that in the past, when we have to pay school fees, the balance was something else.

Now that there is free senior high school (SHS) and after finishing junior high school and gaining admission to senor high school, you can have the opportunity in getting into the university.


In addressing the media, the Managing Director of Electricity Company of Ghana Mr.Samuel Dubik Mahama, said when he was appointed, there were 2 women in managerial role, 1 who just retired as Director of Finance, 1 Director for Human Resource and 1 Director for Procurement were all females.

He said he’s aim is to try and get more women into management rolls, so ours is to make sure to train them and give them the right capability.

We are to crate a path to make sure number of women directors increases. Electrical Engineering is one critical sector we want to make sure women need to excell.

Director of Engineering at the Electricity Company of Ghana Maata Opare said, her mission is to see more women around the decision table.

She said since 2017, they have 3 female directors at the Electricity Company of Ghana and one being the first director of engineering.

FemPower is set to benefit approximately 150 female employees within the Electricity Company of Ghana.

They’re to do this through mentorship, training, and the newly established scholarship program.

The highlights of the FemPower Outreach Program is the introduction of a new scholarship scheme. This initiative is aim to encourage and support more females to pursue careers in engineering and computer science…..Story by Bugbila Moadow.

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