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God Deserves To Be Praised For Saving Patapaa’s Life-Dr.Caesar


The Chief Executive Officer of Dr. Caesar Clinic , a leading food supplement and natural health centre in Ghana has given praises to the most high God for saving Patapa’s Life with his product (Dr Caesar Lina Energy Tea)after he(Patapa) was poised through food.

 The musician was heard in the news last week saying on alot of radio stations in the country that he was poisoned and nearly died but Dr Caesar Lina Energy tea saved his life.

He revealed that ,he requested for a bottle of Dr Caesar Lina Energy Tea after he had spent alot of energy on stage at a show he performed at Tarkwa  barely three weeks ago.

“After taken the drink in my hotel room I had a stomach upset and begun to vomit a black substance. After vomiting, I totally lost control of myself,I couldn’t shout for my managers to hear from me,I then bang the door in the washroom before my managers could hear from me and then saw what I was going through.”Said,Patapaa on OK fm in Accra.

According to the “Skopatumana”hit maker,he performed at Tarkwa in the Western Region and needed to have another performance in Ellembele constituency where he has been booked to perform at a function by Hon.Armah Kofi Beoah,Member of parliament for the said constituency but couldn’t perform as was promised because of the Poison .

This living testimony by the musician has gingered management of Dr.Caesar Clinic to tip the Ghana’s popular hiplife musician for an intensive health outreach event in the country.


Authorities of the medical institution who are known for their giant dealership in Lina Energy tea are drafting plans to collaborate with him following his recovery from a food poisoning after taking in of Lina Energy tea.

Barely few weeks ago, “Patapaa” according to media reports suffered a food poison attack at Tarkwa in the Western region where he attend a show.


“My vomit was as dark as a polythene bag and my stool was black and stained with blood” he described in an interview.

Per reports, the “one corner” hit maker claims he took in Lina Energy tea to save him from the ordeal.

Management of MY Caesar Company Limited after a careful consideration of the foregoing have settled on embarking on an outreach event this year to sensitize the public on the health benefits of the herbal product.


Lina Energy Tea is the power house of significant health benefits and is considered as a moderate intensity exercise in the long run. Scientists discovered that its sensitivity to insulin can lower the risk of diabetes in our body. Lina Energy Tea declines the triglycerides, total abdominal fat and subcutaneous abdominal fat. Also they discovered that drinking plentiful amounts of Lina Energy Tea beverage over years may have a profound experience in reducing breast cancer. Here are some of the most common health benefits of Lina Energy Tea.

Boosts Up Your Energy Levels:

This thermogenic agent has the ability to burn more calories than normal. The antioxidants present in Lina Energy Tea helps in producing energy and keep the cells clean from time to time. Because of this reason people started taking tea diet pills in recent times. Lina Energy Tea stables energy levels by balancing blood sugar levels in your body. EGCG, a most potent antioxidant catechin found in Lina Energy Tea improves insulin to prevent spikes in sugar levels, and crashes that can result in fatigue, and irritability.

Lina Energy Tea Boosts Metabolism:

The antioxidant, EGCG plays an important role in stimulating our body’s metabolism and can speed up burning calories. It stimulates the central nervous system and releases fat into the blood stream. Our body uses the released fat as a fuel to burn the calories, sheds excess water and produces energy. This process of burning fat/ fuel without making chemical energy is called thermogenesis. Lina Energy Tea is also rich in caffeine content which can naturally cause the thermogenesis process, but the results are more effective when it combines with EGCG and other substances present in Lina Energy Tea.

Perfect for Weight Loss:

Drinking Lina Energy Tea is the best exercise and medicine for those looking to lose weight in a comfortable way. Even people who are obese and cannot afford to exercise their body can dream to shape their figure the right way. However, drinking Lina Energy Tea may not fetch instant results but you will be giving yourself an edge. Catechin, and theanine (an amino acid), the great ingredient, found in Lina Energy Tea collectively helps in reducing weight loss reduces bloating.

Reduces Cholesterol:

Though weight loss and reducing cholesterol are strongly intertwined, the fact is that lowering cholesterol helps in reducing the weight, whereas losing weight can help you in cutting down the cholesterol levels. Lina Energy Tea can improve the ration of good cholesterol (HDL) to bad cholesterol (LDL). The EGCG and catechin polyphenols in Lina Energy Tea has been known to inhibit the cancer cells, abnormal function of blood clots and effectively lower LDL cholesterol levels. Lina Energy Tea leaves are withered and steamed which makes catechins and EGCGs more concentrated. Lina Energy Tea is usually prescribed for driving away bad cholesterol levels.

Super Fat Burner:

Lina Energy Tea is a superb fat fighter, as it contains an active ingredient called EGCG, which can speed up the rate of burning fat in your body. Besides burning your total body fat, Lina Energy Tea targets your belly fat. All the active ingredients present in Lina Energy Tea activate fat burning genes in abdomen to burn calories by 77 percent. Lina Energy Tea speeds up the rate at which fat is broken down in our body.

Anti-Aging Benefits:

Growth of free radicals in the body can damage your skin and aging of your body cells. This is usually referred as skin aging. Free radicals do occur naturally, but their concentration doubles when your skin is exposed to UV radiation, pollution and chemicals present in atmosphere. EGCG is 200 times more powerful than Vitamin E at destroying free radicals. Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) one of the chemicals produced by human body has the power to whisk away free radicals, which prevent the damage of bodies cells and helps to reduce wrinkling. Catechins present in green tea improve the activity of SOD, and boosts the body’s ability to fight free radical affects.

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