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Ghana:Man Confirms Dead After Being Attacked By A Lion In The Achimota Forest


In the Achimota Forest, at the Accra Zoo, a lion has killed a middle-aged man.

A lion allegedly attacked and injured the man after he broke into the lion’s enclosure.

After suffering injuries, the man’s death has been officially confirmed.

The reason for the man’s conduct is unknown to zoo officials.

According to a statement from John Allotey, CEO of the Forestry Commission, “Around 12:00 today, August 28, 2022, authorities of the Accra Zoo were on a normal patrol when they spotted a middle-aged guy (an intruder) had breached the security gates and entered the Zoo’s lions enclosure. The intruder’s motivation is yet unknown.

Within the inner fencing of the cage, one of the lions attacked and hurt the invader.

The body of the invader was transported to the morgue after it was established that they were fatal.

He mentioned how healthy each and every lion is.

He continued, “The Forestry Commission wishes to reassure the populace that no lion has escaped from the Accra Zoo.

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