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How To cure Sexual Weakness With Mango leaves



Mango leaves have pharmacological and therapeutic properties and are used by typical Chinese doctors. Mango leaf surfaces are a useful piece of provitamin C, B, and A. They too are greater in phenolics and chemicals, which offer the abandons antibacterial effects. 

Bed sleep can affect people of all age groups, but older people are more likely to stay kids. The most typical difficulties associated with vaginal dryness are infertility and impotence. Invariably the root cause of the problems can also be remedied.

Here is how the preparation can be done.

Take a clean dress and mango leaves and spot them in a pot.


Take ten clean guava leaf surfaces and ten dried mango foliage and wipe down the abandons closely with distilled water.

Take one cup and replenish it in 1/2 with 12 cups of moisture. Cook on stirring occasionally for 3/4.

After that, append the scrubbed foliage and grill for 5 minutes until the mango leaves dampen. Once again replace the container with wet and visual effects on any leaf tissue.


To make a whole cup, take two tablespoons and half a cup a day .


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