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“I will stop schooling because Lecturers are worrying me”, UG Female Student Reveals



When it comes to higher learning institution in Ghana and perhaps Africa, everyone will choose University of Ghana over others.

Going through academic hassles can sometimes be crazy on Legon campus especially when you slack your first year, it then becomes a dice to roll.

A Female level 200 Student in the University of Ghana has revealed how she is unable to concentrate on her studies because of the insistent pressure she is receiving from her body lovers.

According to her, she got entangled with this Lecturer in level 100 second semester.

Amidst the exchange of pleasantries, she was promised good grades by this Lecturer to pass her in all her course of study as far as undergraduate studies is concern.

However, the story begun to hit her face when the relationship between them turned into a sexual give and take affairs.

According to her, the results she is getting every semester is getting worse day by day and she fears school drop-out.

It all seemed good in the beginning, but all that glitters is not Gold they say is actually true in this sense.

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