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If A Woman Starts Developing Feelings For You, She Will Ask You These Questions


Women are known to wear their hearts on their sleeves. They may not always say what they mean or share their feelings upfront, but their actions often convey a lot more than their words. Have you ever wondered if a girl you like is developing feelings for you too? If you are looking to start a relationship with her, you want to know if she is truly interested in you. You may find it difficult to figure out her feelings for you because some signs are not easy to detect unless you pay close attention to them.

Here are some signs she is developing feelings for you.



1. She Laughs At Your Jokes.

Has she been chuckling at your corny jokes, even when they aren’t that funny? She may appreciate your sense of humor, and that’s how she shows it. If she is genuinely amused by your jokes, she will be sure to let you know by laughing out loud.

2. She Is Nervous Around You.

Does she tend to get tongue-tied or trip over her words when she is around you? She may be nervous because she is attracted to you. If she is attracted to you, she may feel butterflies in her stomach when she is around you. This is because she is nervous about making a good impression on you.

3. She is starting to feel better about herself.

When this person is with you, she can be herself. This means that she is not going to pretend to be someone she is not just to get your attention. She is not going to pretend to be cooler than she is. She is going to show herself to you as she is. She is not going to hide the things that she is passionate about. She is not going to be afraid to show you the things that she loves to do for fun. She is not going to be afraid to show you the things that she is bad at. She is going to be able to be her true self with you.

She Wants to Spend a Lot of Time With You.



She is eager to spend time with you. No matter how busy you are, or how busy she is, she is going to make time for you. She is going to want to hang out with you. She is going to want to spend time with you. Sometimes, she may even cancel plans with her friends just to spend more time with you

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