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Let’s be united to elect competent Executives towards 2024 victory


Mr. Precious Agbenya, a communication team member of the opposition National Democratic Congress, (NDC has made a passionate appeal to the rank and file of the party to remain united than ever to elect competent Executives towards making winning the upcoming 2024 elections a mere formality.
According him, the only way the party could recapture political power to save the citizenry from the untold economic hardship is to remain united as one people with a common ideology, hence the need to rise above individual or selfish interest to put the party and the plight of the suffering Ghanaians because of the mismanagement of the economy by the current Nana Addo led New Patriotic Party (NPP) administration to safe the ailing economy.
According to him, the party would become victorious and successful in their upcoming constituency Executives elections when the Members of Parliament (MPs), and all the stakeholders who matters most get involve and being proactive in the activities of the party, winning the 2024 general elections would be a done deal.
Mr. Agbenya urged all those who matters in the NDC to fully get involve to help electing the right people to fill the various positions, the move he said would enable them to recapture political power to bring the economy back on track
He entreated all and sundry to pull their resources together and also ensure the peace and and unity at the crucial moment where all eyes are the NDC, hence it’s incumbent to embrace unity for purpose towards victory come 2024.

I would also use this opportunity to wish everyone contesting in the various positions at the respective levels the best of luck.

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