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Mahama Fever Catches Western North


Western North Region is one of the safest region for the NDC even before it became a region. The good people of the region have always giving their utmost support to the party since 1992 and the party do recognizes that.
Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case in 2016. Out of the eight safest seats the party had since 2004, this wasn’t the case in 2016 when the NDC lost two seats out of the eights seats.
Eventhough John Mahama won in the presidential elections in those constituencies, his votes reduced. Ideally one shouldn’t expect in just about two and half years the popularity of the former President should shore higher to the extent of which it is been now in the region.
Interestingly, the situation has changed drastically with the former President been even more popular in the region than expected. The just ended visit by the leader and former President of the Republic of Ghana in the region has really shown how popular he has become. His popularity is based on two situations or accounts.
The first is his massive infrastructural projects which he embarked on in the region. Several roads in the region were completed with some too ongoing. The lives of our cocoa farmers were also improved during the tenure of President Mahama. During this period, fertilizer was free, cocoa price was increased and cocoa roads too were been done.
This situation as posited, is indeed doing some trick for the former President in the region.
The second situation or point is the fact that the Nana Addo led administration has got nothing to show in these two and half years of his administration. The plight of the people in the Western North have worsened with most living penurious and impoverished life. Their cocoa price hasn’t been increased and at the same time fertilizer been sold to them. All the roads in the region have been halted too and taxi drivers suffering. More monies are been spent on maintenance with fuel prices too on a higher side.
These two situations as stated can only do nothing but improve the popularity of H. E. John Mahama. It is of no surprise that the good people of the Western North knowing these facts couldn’t sit in their homes but came out in their numbers to support the leader of NDC. Eventhough he didn’t come to campaign, the support was massive.
The NPP in the region after seeing that they are losing power and popularity in the region, decides to spill political lie. It is instructive to note that the NPP cannot compare itself to the NDC in terms of developmental projects in the region. We are far better than the NPP.
We are however, not perturbed by their noise making but remains focus in working harder so we can secure power come 2020 by grace.
We are also much grateful and thankful to the Chiefs and people of Western North for their reception. The media we say ayekoo. We are indeed grateful for your coverage.

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