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Retain Me As National Chairman For A Better NDC-Ofosu Ampofo



The National Chairman of NDC , Chairman Ofosu Ampofo , has assured supporters of retaining his seat due to the massive welcome showed to him in the Ashanti Region.

He further added that, although their ultimate objective was to lead the party to governance , and that opportunity was denied due to the court case, he still believes that 0the party can win elections with him as the Chairman as he posses all the qualities of a good leader.

Speaking at a press conference in Kumasi today, he said that he has laid a solid foundation enough to win elections and hence should be retained as the next Chairman.

He further admonished the delegates to vote for him as he is a committed leader who can unite the members in the party and lead the party to victory in the next elections.

He believes that when retained for another 4years, he and his team can do better for the Party by managing the material and human resources in the country .

Source: Ayisah Foster/

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