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Two NPP Communicators Suspended for campaigning for Alan Cash in Northern Region


Two members of the Northern Regional Communication Team for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) have been slapped with an indefinite suspension.

The two, Alhaji Ibrahim Kaleem and Dawda Jentuma who are believed to be team members of Trade’s Minister Alan Kyerematen are said to have “advanced the campaign of a purported flagbearer aspirant” on Radio Tamale; a community-based radio station.

In a statement signed by the Director of Communications for the Northern Region, Mohammed Sheriff Ibrahim, and directed to Ibrahim Kaleem, it said Mr. Kaleem’s participation in the radio program is in clear “violation of the directive issued by the Northern Regional Chairman of the NPP for party people to cease, among others all media engagements purporting to campaign for flagbearer hopefuls”.

He also mentioned that the development has the tendency to disrupt President Akufo-Addo’s governance and the peace within the party, hence the suspension.

In addition, the regional communication team says that, jingles played, words used among others on the said program bring the name of the party and government functionaries into disrepute.

“Any person who deals with Alhaji Ibrahim Kaleem as a member of the Northern Regional Communications Team does so at their own risk”, the statement cautioned.

The second suspended person, Dawda Jentuma, an NPP Electoral Area Coordinator also reacted to the suspension on Eyewitness News saying; “Before you suspend a member from a party, there should be a proper disciplinary procedure, which must be communicated to the member. So, the letter they wrote is an incompetent one because even the name on it is not my official name”.

“But I am the coordinator and my electoral area is mentioned, so I am treating it with some respect, but we will not sit down for people to destroy the party.”

He added that if the situation is not handled properly, it will have consequences on the political fortunes of the NPP in the next general election.

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