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Who can ban Benny Hinn From Ghana? Irbard Ibrahim’s Comment Nonsensical – K. P. Razak

According to the population statistics of Ghana, Christianity is the largest faith group in Ghana with approximately 70-80% of the total population. Muslims are just 17.6% of the total population yet enjoying benefits and privileges from Government which are inaccessible to the Christian Majority in the Country. No one can ban Benny Hinn or any Christian leader to preach the Gospel of Christ in Ghana, not even the President of Ghana can make such an order or pronouncement. Christians decide who should lead this Country as President. No one can become President of Ghana without total support of the Christian Community. Absolutely no one and that is the reality. There are few Christians in Islamic Countries yet those Islamic Countries claim themselves as Muslims Nations. So what is wrong with stating that Ghana is a Christian Country largely due to the fact that Christians are in Majority as far as the population is concerned? The Christian Majority have been living peacefully with the Muslim Minority but we will not allow any idiot to attack leaders of our Christian faith. Some of us will not tolerate such nonsense from Irbard Ibrahim or any member of other faith groups in Ghana. Some Muslim Clerics have been attacking Christianity yet we have not called for their ban so why suggesting for the ban of Christian Leaders? I think it is about time Christians called for the amendment of the 1992 Constitution and declare Ghana as Constitutionally a Christian Country but with guaranteed freedom to other religious faith groups. ….Signed…. Razak Kojo Opoku (Concerned Christian) Source Foster

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