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Xenophobic Attacks In Kumasi , Non Enforcement Of Basic Trade Laws Should Be Blamed-ASEPA

Today we woke up to the unfortunate incident of traders in kumasi attacking shops owned by Nigerians.This comes barely a few months after some Ghanaians and Africans were gruesomely brutalised, killed and chased out of the Republic of South Africa for almost similar reasons. But how did we get here?Let us not pretend that this a sudden event…No!The warnings have been there for a long time. I remember in 2017, I met  the leadership of the traders in Suame, their only plea was that they wanted me to help bring the issue of Nigerians taking over their market to National attention. According to the traders they have written several letters and engaged the security agencies on several occasions but to no avail. I will be providing several evidences of the number of interactions these traders have had with State Authorities over the years. When you have a law that States that foreigners cannot engage in petty trading (ie; buying and selling)Why hasn’t the law been enforced all this while?Why have these foreign traders been allowed to operate till now? Now these foreigners have been allowed to operate, they have strengthened their businesses and now they are competing vigorously against Ghanaians who mostly come short against these foreigners.  As a Country we need to to look at this critically and so that we can manage this delicate situation very well to bring the impending danger under control, otherwise things could possibly get worse. We must also remember that, we have Ghanaians across the Continent as well including Nigeria so that we do not put them also at unecessary risk of reprisal xenophobic attacks.  Let’s invite the leaders of these foreigners, let us engage their missions here in Ghana, let us find ways to create opportunities for them without endangering the livelihood of the ordinary Ghanaian as well. Let’s act quickly!, Let’s treat issue with all the seriousness it deserves! Mensah Thompson Executive Director, ASEPA0542120628Source Foster 

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