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Yentumi wishes all muslems happy Ramadan


Hon.Fredrick Nkansah ,popularly known as Yentumi, assembly member of Mpatuam electoral area in Amansie West District of Ashanti Region has wished all muslems in Amansie West and Ghana well as they begin their fasting.

According to him, the sighting of the crescent moon determines the start date of Ramadan, a month-long fasting celebration.

Taking to his flyers on social media, Hon. Fredrick Nkansah extended his best sincerest wishes to the Muslim community across the country.

As the Holy Month of Ramadan begins, it gives me great pleasure to warmly wish all Muslim brothers and sisters in the district and around the country a happy and peaceful Ramadan.

“This Holy month is a time for millions of people all around the world to refresh and strengthen their faith through severe fasting, fervent prayer, pensive meditation, persistent Quran reading, and charitable acts, “he penned”.

The annual Holy Month of Ramadan begins today for Muslims all over the world.

They fast from dawn to sunset as part of their fasting practices which is not all that easy but With Allah on their side they will deliver.

He reminded all Muslims to pray for our beautiful country and to ask Allah’s guidance and blessings for all Ghanaians.

He took advantage of the opportunity to call on Muslims to pray for an end to the global economic hardship which our country is not exception.”He added.

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