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Zongo boys rob no more – Dr. Caesar Declares

  Chief Executive Officer of M. Y Caesar Clinic, Dr. Caesar has made it clear that boys in the Zongo communities do robbery no more. According to him, leaders in the various Zongo communities have done well by educating the youth in the Zongo communities through former education, this he said has helped to reduce crime rate in the Zongo communities .  He said, Zongo boys are wise, development oriented and are now  focused in life.  He attributed the sanity that has prevailed in the Zongo communities to Muslim scholars and leaders for always conscentising the youth in the Zongo communities for the need to go to school and to eschew other forms of behavior that will send them to jail.  Addressing the media in Kumasi, the CEO otherwise  known as “adabridwo” advised parents who have brushed under carpet the need to take their children to school to take advantage of the flexible educational policies instituted by government and get their wards enlisted in any academic institution in the country. He cautioned that any wrong descision taken by parents will have negative effect on the future of their children and that they will one day be blamed for that.He however congratulated all Muslims for a successful Eld ul Adha and cautioned about improper dieting. He stressed on the need to take Dr Caesar Lina Energy Tea any day, anytime, any hour. He said, the Lina Energy Tea Normalizes BP according to feedback from regular consumers of the product.  M. Y. Ventures Health Services is a leading Food Supplement and Natural Health Center based in Kumasi and Ghana at large. The effort of this Company has brought back hope into many relationships, marriages and family life in general, in Ghana and all over the world. Source /Ayisah Foster 

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